MiracleAir 300-A

The professional air purifier with a special suction arm was designed to be used namely in the medical field with direct cooperation with a well-respected Czech dental clinic.

It is a unique product developed and produced in the Czech Republic. It has a much higher suction power than other similar devices and can suck harmful substances from the source up to a distance of 35 cm.

This was measured under laboratory conditions, the same as those used by all manufacturers of similar equipment.

A high cleaning effect is guaranteed thanks to four-level filtration that reliable captures dust microparticles, bacteria and viruses of up to 0,1 μm.

The filling of filters is indicated based on a real measurement of the filterswhich is unique for this type of equipment.

The suction arm allows the suction nozzle to be placed comfortably near the patient's mouth.

Within the design, focus was placed on facilitating the cleaning of the device and simple, hygienic and safe replacement of the filters.

Product benefits

Captures up to 99.99% of viruses and bacteria

Energy efficient

Made in Czech Republic

3-year warranty (except filter box)


Basic description

MiracleAir 300-A consists of five main parts: suction box, filtration box, ventilation box, two side parts and a suction arm. All boxes and side parts are made of zinc-coated metal sheets painted by a special white (RAL 9003) antibacterial coating.

Technical parameters
Suction efficiency max 35 cm
Weight without arm 26.5 Kg
Voltage / power consumption 210-240 V/ 50 Hz / 85 W
IP rating IP 20
Noise 47-51 Db
Dimensions (w x d x h) 35 x 31 x 80 cm
Fan type EC - radial fan
Control fluent speed control
Air intake from top of the unit
Air outlet at the bottom of the unit
Colour antibacterial RAL 9003
Casing material galvanized steel
Filtration four-stages
Filtration efficiency 99.98% for particles 0,1 um
Schematic section of the filter box

Frequently asked questions and answers

What is the purpose of an aerosol extractor?

The version with a special A1 arm was developed primarily for use in dental surgeries for suctioning from the patient's mouth in a dental chair.

Can I use the aerosol extractor as a classic air purifier?

Yes, the modular system allows you to replace the suction arm with other type of suction part.

How do I know if the filter needs to be replaced?

The filter needs to be replaced when the orange LED lights up. We recommend replacing the filter box within 14 days of the diode lighting up.

What happens to the exhaust air?

The air is cleaned and returned to the room.

Where is this product made and what is the warranty period?

MiracleAir 300-A is a Czech product. Only high-quality components are used in its production. For examplen the ventilator and filters are supplied by leading German manufacturers. This allows us to provide a 3-year guarantee for MiracleAir 300-A (for VAT payer and non-payers) with the exception of the filtration box.

Who is the aerosol extractor for?

The aerosol extractor is used primarily by dentists and other medical professions where aerosols are produced (eg anesthesiology, ENT).

How can I dispose of a used filter box?

The filter box enclosed in a plastic bag is handed over as mixed waste to a collection yard.

What is the efficiency of filtration?

The filter captures more than 99.95% of pathogens. The capture efficiency is therefore similar to that of FFP3 class respirators.

How often is it necessary to change the filter?

Replacing the filter depends on the degree of use and the level of air pollution. The standard service life is 10-12 months with an expected operating time of 4 hours per day.



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