Our motto

Beauty in simplicity

… in practice, it means the development and production of products with easy assembly, friendly operation, low operating costs and high utility value.

The core of the company consists of people who have worked together for at least 15 years in development and management of company producting ventilation products supplied worldwide.

Our goal is to bring to the market products using new technologies that take the useful properties of finished products to a new level.


We develop products that create a pleasant and healthy indoor climace. The goal is to make all our products attractive, user.friendly, easy to install and require minimal service.

Pavel Hazuka

“After more than 30 years of experience, my goal is to build a company with a family atmosphere in which employees will be satisfied and pull together."

Zuzka Hazuková
Founder, production

“Xvent is the base of each day for me. I believe that we should do only things that make sense and that we enjoy. In this spirit we build a corporate culture at Xvent.”

Jan Teichmann
Founder, R&D-design, Marketing

"The motto BEUTY IN SIMPLICITY and customer satisfaction always comes first. We started Xvent with people who are passionate enthusiasts. I believe that we are building a company with high added value. "

Radim Kmoníček
Founder, R&D-control, LAB

"During development, I need space to focus my ideas to the core of the matter. These are some of the reasons that led us to found Xvent. We want to build a corporate environment that supports the creative and innovative way of thinking."

Jan Černík
Export sales manager

“I build business on mutual trust and long-term personal relationships. I listen carefully to the needs of customers and the market. Expertise and market knowledge are essential.”

Leona Vilímová
Back office, Logistic and Purchase

With Xvent, one grows in both professional and personal life. The local team atmosphere makes work more fun.

Zbyněk Kropáč
Production leader

“Working at Xvent has long-term filling me. Production and purchasing give me control for the whole production process. I am thus able to better manage quality, delivery times and respond faster to customer orders.”