Heating unit ATACAMA

Ideal for heating industrial halls, warehouses, sports facilities,

workshops and smaller establishments.

Option to instal on the wall and on the ceiling
with a tilt adjustment option of +-30, 60° thanks to
the console included in the package.

In winter, it is used to heat the space to the required temperature.

In summer, it replaces air conditioning with air cooling.

Teplovzdušná vytápěcí jednotka ATACAMA

Product benefits

High heat and air output


air flow up to 4700 m3 / hour, heat output 3-71 kW, horizontal air reach up to 17 m, vertical air reach up to 10 m

Quiet operation and high efficiency


Currently the quietest device on the market in its category. Significantly lower consumption.

We use only quality components


Reliable maintenance-free fans, high-quality copper exchangers, powder coating - all this allows to provide a five-year warranty

Possibility to continuously regulate the fan speed


Continuous speed control is enabled by used EC motors. We recommend using the Elementair-E MARK I controller.

When using a filter, the heat exchanger is protected against clogging

Basic description

Teplovzdušná vytápěcí jednotka ATACAMA
Technical parameters
Moter type - EC EC EC EC EC EC
Indicative serving area (ceiling height of 4 meters) 0-300 - 0-500 - 0-1000 -
Airflow m³/h 2350 2250 3000 2600 4700 4400
Heat output range kW 3-32 4-39 4-38 5-44 9-58 11-71
Heat exchange - rows - 2 3 2 3 2 3
Water exchanger properties   maximum operating water temperature 120 ° C; maximum operating pressure 1.6Mpa; pipe connection dimension G 3/4 "
Air reach - horizontal m 13 12 17 14 15 12
Air reach - vertical m 8 7 10 8 8 6
Noise level dB(A) 42,3 42,1 51,7 50,3 52,1 51,6
Weight / with console kg 15 / 17,5 16 / 18,5 17 / 19,5 18 / 20,5 23 / 26 25 / 28
The volume of water in the exchanger dm³ 1,4 2,1 1,4 2,1 2 3
Power supply V/Hz 1 ~ 230/50-60 1 ~ 230/50-60 1 ~ 230/50-60
Power consumption W 114 117 184 189 359 379
Current A 0,86 0,9 1,33 1,41 1,53 1,63
Fan rotation ot/min 1370 1790 1310
IP range IP 54 54 54
Code - ATA1-2-ECV2CL-0A0 ATA1-2-ECV3CL-0A0 ATA1-3-ECV2CL-0A0 ATA1-3-ECV3CL-0A0 ATA1-4-ECV2CL-0A0 ATA1-4-ECV3CL-0A0

Frequently asked questions and answers

Why is fan power adjustment important?

EC motor power adjustment is necessary feature for setting the required performance of the equipment. This parameter is used as a basis for other parameters of the equipment, which influence the working comfort in the given area - such as air output, temperature and noise level. Electricity consumption, depending on the life cycle of the unit, is no less important of a parameter.

Why is heating power adjustment important?

Heating power of the units is the most important parameter for the economical operation of heating of the building. A room thermostat or temperature sensor is required for correct functionality of temperature control. The placement of the
thermostat in the general presence zone outside of the door, window openings and sources of radiant heat at a height of approximately 1.5 m (reference point) is very important.

How does the heating work?

Air heating is one of the most dynamic heating systems. Air heating is a system where the heat energy is supplied to the heated room exclusively via the flowing hot air from the unit. The principle of functioning of the hot air unit is based on the heat transfer the water exchanger to the surrounding air. Using an axial fan, the air is distributed to the heated space. Air heating is suitable for spaces where a radiant heat source is not desirable.

What is the meaning of the terms “mixing”, “destratification of mixing”, “venting”...?

Mixing or destratification is the principle of mixing the air with the result of an effective temperature distribution throughout the whole volume of space (the warmer air at the ceiling is mixed with colder air at he floor). 


Controller ElementAir-E
Controller ElementAir-B
Servo-driven valve
Filter ATACAMA 2,3
Filter ATACAMA 4


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