Ventilation unit with heat and moisture recovery Xflat

...The Xflat unit is focused on maximum utility 
value for use in apartment buildings. Thanks 
to its dimensions and MultiPlacing design, the 
unit can be installed in 6 different positions 
and in really small installation spaces.

The unit excels in low weight and low height 
(only 13kg and 180mm)

Thanks to the unit‘s classification in energy 
class A +. Xflat complies with subsidy pro-

CO2 and RH sensor can be connected to the 

The control also offers the possibility of expan-
sion for remote control and connection to your 
smart home.

The possibility of connecting a external pre-
heater directly to the unit - thanks to this, pre-
heating works only in cases where the unit is in 
danger of freezing.

Product benefits


You can install one type of unit under the ceiling, on the wall horizontally or on the wall vertically.

Low weight and low height

only 13kg and 180mm

Easy installation

Wide range of external accessories

Basic description

Suitable for apartments and smaller family houses
Universal installation possition
Heat and moisture recovery exchanger
Possibility to connect external preheater
Easy installation

Detailed technical information

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